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HSES welcomes a Boardroom Apprentice

14 December 2022

Like many charities at the moment, Lotus Families has been struggling to replace their Treasurer who retired in March. We then discovered the Boardroom Apprentice scheme. An employee from the Pensions Regulator has now joined the Board as a Boardroom Apprentice. She brings with her a confidence in reading and explaining charity accounts and other financial information but does not have trustee or governance experience.  

Kate, the Lotus Families CEO says “I am delighted to be involved with Boardroom apprentice. Our ongoing relationship with the programme will help the charity in various ways. It will give us the opportunity to increase the number of people who have the skills, competence, and passion to become HSES trustees. It will help us to increase diversity on our board, ensuring different trustee perspectives in line with our EDI strategy. I can also see that it will challenge us to reflect on how we ‘do’ governance as a charity.     The trustees and I are really looking forward to work in partnership with Boardroom Apprentice to nurture and empower someone who is new to governance.”

For more information on the Boardroom Apprentice UK programme, visit their website:

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